• Image of Body Wash
  • Image of Body Wash
  • Image of Body Wash

Wonderful Christmastime- peppermint + Marshmalloween (toasted marshmallows)

Winter Cake- almond pastry with marzipan, benzoin, rose, and cassia (inspired by Lush--Snowcake)

Grape Cotton Candy- Grape Jolly Rancher + fluffy raspberry spun sugar

Double Stress Relief {Lavender Stress Relief}- twice the lavender, eucalyptus and spearmint

Blackberry- plump, juicy blackberries off the vine

Honeysuckle- fresh sweet honeysuckle blossoms

Essentially Vanilla- Fresh vanilla bean with vanilla absolute

Tea & Cakes- fluffy, moist almond pastry soaked in fresh-brewed black tea

Holiday Bombshell- sweet tart pomegranate, grapefruit, black currant, lily

Jeepers Creepers- caramel, pumpkin & marshmallow peeps

Crimewave- Blonde Moment (iced champagne + rich raspberry and cranberry) + fresh picked strawberry

Corn Bread Pudding- cornbread and zucchini bread pudding