• Image of Fragrance Oil Blends
  • Image of Fragrance Oil Blends

Cheers- ring in the new year with Auld Lang Syne and a fizzy champagne toast

Shiny Little Things- melon, raspberry, orange, lightly floral with vanilla musk

Buttermint Clouds- Buttermint and cotton candy clouds

Cotton Candy Frosted Sugar Cookies- frosted sugar cookies with even more cotton candy frosting


Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins-

Coconut Cotton- freshly washed cotton + coconut

The Bright Crystal- yuzu, pomegranate, lotus, orchid, musk

Tiki Tea- a white beachy tea

Ocean Princess-

Barbie World-

Crimewave- blonde moment + fresh picked strawberries

Beach Bunny

About 0.5 ounces
For use ONLY in oil diffusers. Not for use on skin. Keep out of reach of animals and children. Do not ingest. Do not use on skin. Product is sold in glass stopper bottles. Please use extreme caution when handling glass as it will become slippery when wet.