• Image of Small Cruller Wax Cake, 4.5 oz.

Approximately 4.5 ounces of wax
Each wax cake is unique in color.

Nordic Winter- orange and lemon mingle with bamboo, rose, and clove
Lemon Arugala- tart lemon + herbal arugala, basil, and lime
Recycled Air- clean air, aquatic florals, and sea moss from the ocean floor
Something Borrowed- shea butter with hints of coconut, almond, and sandalwood
Wild Winter- wintergreen + Sinus Relief (Vicks vapor scent)
Fizzy Soda- lemon lime soda
Garden Sheets- strong cucumber and linens
Winter Pie- blackberry, zucchini bread, berried pancakes
Yog Nog- sweet toffee, toasted caramel + coffee and clove (inspired by Lush)
Icelandia- eucalyptus, orange zest, cedarwood, sea salt and vetiver

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