• Image of Small Space Refresher

2.5 oz

Aqua di Gio- aquatic aroma of bergamot, neroli, and tangerine musk (inspired by the cologne)
Melonballer- cantaloupe mixed with pineapple, papaya, passion fruit, and banana

Sassy Cowgirl- azalea, jasmine, lavender blossoms + Pink Sugar (cotton candy, vanilla, caramel, sweet berries) (feminine version of Cosmic Cowboy)

Genie’s Bottle- Palo Santo + spicy orange, balsam, jasmine & smoked vanilla

Beach Tea- white tea, lemonade, and sea salty air

Apple Nordic Balsam- nordic balsam fir trees blended with applewood & fern

Twisted Peppermint- cool mint, white sugar & warm vanilla

Blueberry Vanilla Smoothie- fresh picked blueberries & a rich and creamy vanilla smoothie

Pink Ocean- pink sugar + sea salt blossom

Wonderful Christmastime- peppermint + Marshmalloween (toasted marshmallows)

Mustang Sally- spa-like blend of light floral , fresh minerals and ozone blended with berry cotton candy

Hawaiian Rain- fresh invigorating rain blended with blue hawaiian cocktail

Lord of Chaos- patchouli, vanilla and black pepper (inspired by Lush--Lord of Misrule)

Cotton Candy Frosting- rich creamy frosting flavored with sugary sweet cotton candy

Fresh Picked Strawberry- fresh picked strawberries