• Image of Wax Brittle

Fire Demon- apples, cloves, nutmeg and fire-roasted marshmallows

Lady Antoinette- coconut milk, vanilla, musk, sugarcane (inspired by TOKYOMILK)

Apple Fest- apple festival mash up

Are You Afraid of the Dark?- an eery dusty breeze around a late night bonfire

Cherry Fizzy Pop- maraschino cherry + pop rocks candy

Birthday Cake- white cake with extra frosting

West Coast- passionfruit, jasmine and musk (inspired by Juicy Couture fragrance--Malibu)

Fruit Bats- vanilla bean nectarine, marshmallow, strawberry, peach, raspberry & cotton candy

Honey Pear Cider- juicy pear, sweet honey and homemade cider

Blackberry Cola- blackberry + cola (emo notes with fizzy cola)

Apple Balsam Pine- Juicy apples with cassis, jasmine & siberian fir

Apple Jack and Peel {On Wednesdays We Eat Apples}- fresh orange slices and autumn apples blended with warm accord of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and ginger

Cedar & Gold- vanilla sugar, jasmine, and cedarwood

Summer Scoop- nostalgic memories of your favorite fruity treat on a summer day, complete with strawberry nuances swirled in a creamy sweet texture (inspired by Yankee Candle)

Candy Clouds- cotton candy frosting + lemon drops

Twilight- lavender, ylang-ylang, and tonka bean (inspired by Lush)

Earl Gray Lavender Cake- earl gray infused white cake with lavender frosting

German Chocolate Cake

Tea & Cakes- fluffy, moist almond pastry soaked in fresh-brewed black tea

Chunky Monkey: sweet milk chocolate, hints of butter, creamy vanilla with a hint of cotton candy & nuts

Coney Island Donuts- Sugar glazed donuts + Coney Island (Captain Crunch + sugared waffle cone)

Gingerbread Waffles- gingerbread cookies, spices and waffles

Big Sky- snow-crusted citrus and fresh air

Sun's Out Guns Out- Candy Panda suntan lotion house blend

Bourbon Tobacco- cedarwood, tobacco, tonka bean, and oak aged bourbon

When Sparks Fly: cedarwood, vanilla tonka, amber and musk with a hint of cocoa butter blended with fresh crisp peppermint

Art Deco: luscious pear, juicy watermelon with water mint & clementine

Shiny Little Things- melon, raspberry, orange, lightly floral with vanilla musk

Sugar Cookie Kisses- white chocolate + fresh baked sugar cookies

Peppermint Patty- sweet peppermint candies

Birthday Cake- white cake with extra frosting

Starry Night- pink sugar peppermint

Skinny Dippin'- Twilight & wintergreen