· Paisley Pear- Bartlett Pear (freshly sliced pear, peach, and green apple) + Hawaiian Pink Hibiscus (tropical flowers, dew-dropped greens, caramelized sugar + coconut (inspired by Bath & Body Works))
· Pale Blue Eyes- lavender + Midsummer's Night (masculine cologne scent with hints of citrus)
· Palm Beach Cooler- bright berries, sugared grapefruit and fresh coconut
· Panda Berries- strawberry blueberry white cake
· Panda Cakes- Panda Berries (strawberry blueberry white cake) + Tea & Cakes (fluffy, moist almond pastry soaked in fresh-brewed black tea)
· Panda Crunch- strawberry blueberry crunch
· Panda’s Delight- Candy Panda spa blend featuring sandalwood and green, leafy notes
· Panda Sunset- tropical tamarind and coconut
· Pan Dulce {Sweet Bakery Dough}- bakery dough with sweet confectioner sugar in the back notes
· Papi Chulo- juniper leaves, fresh woods, dewy musk and bergamot
· Paradise Garden- lush tropical green and fruity floral blend
· Paradise Pie- banana nut bread + pina colada
· Passion Colada- passionfruit & guava and pina colada
· Passionfruit + Guava- fruit and floral combination with green apples, orange and peach
· Patchouli Woods- Nag Champa (classic incense scent filled with sandalwood and patchouli) + Cedar & Gold (vanilla sugar, jasmine, and cedarwood)
· Peach Bellini- sparkling peach nectar, fizzy champagne and juicy orange slices
· Peach Cakes- funnel cake topped with cinnamon apples and peaches
· Peach Cobbler- fresh homemade peach cobbler with ice cream on top
· Peached to Meet You- fresh peach juice + Marshmalloween (toasted marshmallows)
· Peaches & Cream {Peaches ‘N’ Cream}- vanilla cream and sugared peaches
· Peach Fizzy Pops- peach juice + fizzy soda
· Peach Fuzz- ginger peach fizzy
· Peach Lollipops- peach candy + sugary, sweet lollipops
· Peach Sheets- summer Georgia peaches + cotton sheets
· Peanut Butter Pie- baked peanut butter pie with a crunchy crust, topped with vanilla buttercream frosting and Mexican fried ice cream
· Pearberry- pear, apple, and peach in a fruit salad
· Pear-y Christmas- fresh sliced anjou pear
· Peary Delicious- white cake baked with Bartlett Pear (pear, peach and green apple) + Marshmalloween (toasted marshmallows)
· Pecan Pie- American classic dessert of butter, whipped cream, and Georgia pecans
· Peeps- sugar-crusted marshmallow peeps
· Peonies- hints of citrus, spicy dianthus and green foliage with a vanilla musk
· Peony & Blush Suede- blooming peony blossoms (inspired by Jo Malone)
· People are Strange- patchouli, saffron, rose, and lemon
· Peppermint- pure, strong peppermint
· Peppermint Bark- crushed candy canes and white chocolate
· Peppermint Mocha Latte- peppermint, chocolate and fresh brewed coffee
· Perfect Date- Aqua di Gio (aquatic aroma of bergamot, neroli, and tangerine musk (inspired by the cologne)) + mahogany, lemongrass, and basil
· Perfect Places- strawberry, raspberry, guava + pine trees and juicy citrus (inspired by Bath & Body Works--Aspen Winter)
· Perfume Collection- berry, lychee, apricot, dahlia, honeysuckle, vanilla and musk
· Perfume Genius- Cotton Candy Cocktail (sweet cotton candy with a twist of raspberry liquor ) + Candy Fairy (a blend of bubblegum, cotton candy, sweet apples and pears (inspired by Lush--Snow Fairy))
· Persephone- citrus cucumber green tea
· Peter Cottontail- fluffy white cake, blueberry filling, and lemon zest
· Petit Fours- Strawberry White Cake (homemade cake with sweet berries) + Tea & Cakes (fluffy, moist almond pastry soaked in fresh-brewed black tea)
· Phoenix- nutmeg, shea butter, cardamom, and vanilla + Baby’s Arms (Baby's Arms- Candy Panda house blend vanilla sugar milk)
· Phoenix Rising- Blonde Moment (iced champagne + rich raspberry and cranberry) + apple fizzy
· Pickin’ Plums- creamy plums and a hint of ginger
· Pick Me Up- orange creamsicle, marshmallow and peppermint
· Picnic in the Park- airy blend of mango, coconut and strawberry
· Pillow Fight- lilac, honeysuckle, citrus + clean-washed, sun-drenched cotton
· Pillowtalk- tiger lily and cantaloupe + pink sugar
· Piña Colada- tropical blend of pineapple, coconut and rum
· Piña Please- Marshmalloween (toasted marshmallows) + Honey Please (sliced citrus pineapple sweetened with honey + pumpkin and vanilla (inspired by Bath & Body Works--Pineapple Honeyed Pumpkin))
· Pineapple Cilantro- island pineapple, juicy soured citrus, and a hint of herbs (inspired by Yankee Candle)
· Pineapple Express- fresh sliced pineapples, melons and seaweed
· Pineapple Papaya- tropical mandarin, pineapple, coconut, papaya, and guava
· Pineapple Smoothie- tropical pineapple + creamy vanilla and coconut
· Pineapple Under the Sea- pure pineapple
· Pineapple Upside Down Cake- sweet and juicy pineapple with a brown sugar syrup, in a pillowy pound cake
· Pinkies Out- peach grapefruit chardonnay
· Pink Lady- pink chiffon + pink sugar
· Pink Lemonade- sweet lemonade with a hint of strawberries, watermelon, and sugar
· Pink Moon- strawberry + graham crackers and Marshmalloween (toasted marshmallows)
· Pink Ocean- pink sugar + sea salt blossom
· Pink Paradise- exotic floral blossoms, tropical fruits, coconut, and white musk
· Pink Pistachio Cookie- nutty pistachio butter cookies + sugar cookie dough
· Pink Popsicle- pineapple, papaya, mango, and coconut
· Pink Sands- bright citrus and juicy fruit surround a delicate bouquet of sweet floral and fresh greens
· Pink Sangria- mix of zesty mandarin, crisp apple and sugared grapes and berries
· Pink Sugar- cotton candy, vanilla, caramel, sweet berries
· Pink Sugar Cookie- pink sugar frosting + freshly baked sugar cookies
· Pink Sunrise- pink chiffon + Citrine (juicy oranges, peaches, grapefruit and mangostee)
· Pipe Smoke- smoky tobacco with a touch of honey, vanilla and cedar
· Pistachio Fluff Cake- nutty pistachio marshmallow cake
· Pistachio Paradise- Almost Paradise (coconut + creamy peach) + Pistachio Pudding Cake (vanilla custard with pistachio, honey, almond and cherries)
· Pistachio Pop Tarts- nutty pistachio filling in a crusty pop tart
· Pistachio Pudding Cake- vanilla custard with pistachio, honey, almond and cherries
· Pitter Patter- elderflower and mist + Cat Bus (a rainy day in the woods)
· Planet and Stars- cotton candy, sweet strawberry + sugary-sweet bubblegum
· Plum Rain- sweet orange, plum, and osmanthus blossom
· Pocket Full of Sunshine- creamy coconut, sugared vanilla, ripe mangoes, sweet bananas, and fresh strawberries
· Poetic Justice- Blue Hawaiian (tropical fruits + sea salt and vanilla rum) fizzy pop
· Poetry in Motion- amber, vanilla tonka bean, and herbal lavender
· Poisoned Apples- Snow White (apples, orange, citrus, rose petals, bergamot and neroli) + lavender
· Ponche- a true Mexican holiday punch scent, orange clove, and cranberry chutney (not the Lush scent!)
· Pool Boy- creamy coconuts, vanilla and mahogany
· Pop Dem Bottles- tart berry champagne
· Pop My Cherry- black cherry, toasted marshmallow, Tea & Cakes (fluffy, moist almond pastry soaked in fresh-brewed black tea)
· Pop the Glock- wildberry mousse cream cheese frosting
· Porridge- oats and hints of vanilla (inspired by Lush)
· Positano- sweet osmathus, plump citrons, pineapple, mango zest, and tart passionfruit
· Postcards from Italy- orange sparkling limencello with a *plop* of berrie
· Practical Magic- just-picked pear dusted with sugared cider cinnamon spices
· Pretty in Pink- honeydew, Hawaiian tropics (peaches, coconut, orange, raspberries, vanilla musk) and fresh picked strawberries
· Pretty Pimpin’- black raspberry vanilla and Lovespell (fruity cherry blossom and peach)
· Pretty Sweet- Meloncholy (tangy, fruity melon) + Candy Fairy (a blend of bubblegum, cotton candy, sweet apples and pears (inspired by Lush--Snow Fairy))
· Pretty Woman- acai berries + Spirit in the Sky (creamy vanilla + fresh cotton)
· Prince Charming- fresh pomegranate and grapefruit with a touch of sweet tonka mallow (inspired by Lush)
· Princess Jasmine- sweet jasmine fit only for a princess
· PSL {Pumpkin Spice Latte}- pumpkin spice latte, sweet pumpkin pie blended with espresso and the perfect touch of cinnamon
· Psycho Killer- zucchini bread baked with bits of salted caramel and brownie bites
· Pumpkin Apple- fall blend of crisp apples and pumpkin
· Pumpkin Apple Butter- notes of apple, pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, and pear on a bed of warm vanilla
· Pumpkin Chai Cappuccino- pumpkin chai espresso latte topped with whipped cream
· Pumpkin Clove Butter-bakery pumpkin and warm clove combination
· Pumpkin Cronut- flakey buttered pumpkin croissant donut
· Pumpkin Marshmalloween- Pumpkin Marshmalloween (toasted marshmallows)
· Pumpkin Mumpkin- pumpkin crunch cake
· Pumpkin Noel- sweet pumpkin + vanilla bean noel
· Pumpkin Pecan Cobbler- sweet pumpkin with toasted pecan and sweet brown sugar glaze
· Pumpkin Pecan Waffles- fresh-baked waffle covered in pumpkin maple syrup, drizzled with butter and pecans (inspired by Bath & Body Works)
· Pumpkin Queen- Blueberry Pumpkin Patch (fresh-picked blueberries baked in a pumpkin pie (inspired by Bath & Body Works)) + buttery corn bread
· Pumpkin Roll- fresh-baked bread with pumpkin pecan waffles filling and Marshmalloween icing
· Pumpkinhead- pumpkin zucchini bread
· Pumpkins in Paris- pumpkin brûlée
· Pumpkinut- pumpkin coconut
· Pure Morning- Rosary’s Rosemary (rosemary + fresh mint) + Shampure (coriander, eucalyptus, lavender, orange, bergamot and ylang ylang (inspired by Aveda))
· Purple Clouds- cotton candy + Grape Goddess (grape jolly rancher (the best flavor))
· Purple People Eater- grape fizzy soda and fresh mint
· Purple Sands- lavender pink sands
· Pursuit of Happiness- Mimosa & Cardamom (inspired by Jo Malone fragrance) + warm slice of Tres Leches cake
· Rain & Angelica- fresh scent of clean citrus and sweet florals with a woody background (inspired by Jo Malone)
· Rainbow Krispies- Rice Krispies and Fruity Pebbles
· Rainbow Party- Rainbow Sherbet (creamy lime, pineapple, orange, and raspberry) + Birthday Cake (white cake with extra frosting)
· Rainbow Sherbet- creamy lime, pineapple, orange, and raspberry
· Rainbow Sherbet Fluff- Rainbow Sherbet (creamy lime, pineapple, orange, and raspberry) + Marshmalloween (toasted marshmallows)
· Rainbow Slinkies- blonde moment + raspberry rainbow pop
· Rainy Days- green apples, musk and cedarwood + fresh citrus and dew drops
· Rake it Up- Cheers (ring in the new year with Auld Lang Syne and a fizzy champagne toast) + Black Raspberry Vanilla (black raspberry + creamy vanilla)
· Raspberry Kisses- pink sugar + raspberry cordial (essential oil)
· Raspberry Sangria- freshly picked raspberries from the garden, muddled and stirred into a sweet, chilled sangria
· Re: Stacks- blueberry vanilla custard
· Reckless Love- pink lemonade, cotton candy frosting, and Blackberry Ambrosia (blackberry, apple, and melon)
· Recycled Air- clean air, aquatic florals, and sea moss from the ocean floor
· Recycled Glass- fresh sheets + Downy April Fresh
· Red Flannel- bergamot, orange, nutmeg, and cedar + Midsummer’s Night (masculine cologne scent with hints of citrus (inspired by Yankee Candle))
· Red Velvet Cake- rich red velvet cake covered in cream cheese frosting
· Red Velvet Cupcakes- notes of cocoa powder, chocolate, red currant and strawberry syrup laid on top of pure cane sugar, buttermilk and vanilla extract
· Redwood & Cedar- red apples, coconut milk and red raspberries surrounded with cedar and redwoods
· Reflection- Smoked Vanilla (creamy vanilla and wisps of sandalwood and clove) + Bourbon Vanilla (sweet bourbon and vanilla tonka bean)
· Relax & Rewind- classic spa scent of ozone, mint, citrus, and musk
· Remember Me- fresh spa scent of coconut, lime blossoms, lemongrass, and a hint of eucalyptus
· Renegade- Snow White (apple, orange, citrus, rose petals, bergamot and neroli (inspired by Lush--So White)) + Fizzy Soda (lemon lime soda)
· Retro Mint- sea salt blossom, peppermint, green apple, sweet cotton candy (inspired by Bath & Body Works--Sparkling Mint Blossom) + Erase and Rewind sunflowers + salty air)
· Rice Flower & Shea- delicate petals + creamy shea butter (inspired by Bath & Body Works)
· Rice Pudding- sticky rice sugar milk
· Right Meow- cotton candy, pistachio pudding cake + Grape Goddess (grape jolly rancher (the best flavor))
· River Flows in You- Stephanie’s secret custom clean serene house blend
· Rivulet- cucumber mint + bergamot, lemon, jasmine, and amber
· Robin’s Nest- honeydew melon + Orchid & Pink Amber (apricot and verbena (inspired by Bath & Body Works))
· Rockabye Baby- lavender, chamomile and fresh sheets
· Rockin’ Razz- blue raspberry Jolly Rancher + sweet rock candy
· Rock Solid- blue sugar + Lemon Ice Box Cookies (tart lemon shortbread with powdered sugar)
· Rock Star- vanilla and strawberries with hints of delicate violets and jasmine (inspired by Lush)
· Romance- bergamot, lemon, clove, lavender, rose and ylang on a sweet powdery amber background (inspired by perfume)
· Romeo + Juliet- an ode to preteen years, light and airy sweet pea, juicy McIntosh apples and tart granny smith apples
· Root Beer- your classic root beer soda
· Root Beer Float- classic root beer soda and a dollop of sweet and creamy ice cream
· Rosemary Mint- rosemary mingles with peppermint and spearmint leaves (Aveda type)
· Rosemary Mint Spritzer- rosemary mint + fizzy
· Ro's Garden- Ro's Jelly (soft floral blend of rose petals with a touch of vanilla), lavender and more greenery
· Ro's Jelly- soft floral blend of rose petals with a touch of vanilla (inspired by Lush--Rose Jam)
· Ro's Lemonade- Ro's Jelly (soft floral blend of rose petals with a touch of vanilla), grapefruit and lemonade house blend
· Ro’s Tea Time- Ro’s Jelly (soft floral blend of rose petals and a touch of vanilla (inspired by Lush—Rose Jam)) + Tea & Cakes (fluffy, moist almond pastry soaked in fresh brewed tea)
· Rosary’s Rosemary- rosemary + fresh mint
· Rose Earl Grey- floral rose earl grey tea
· Rosemarrily- Rosary’s Rosemary (rosemary + fresh mint) + Buttermint (butter peppermint candies that melt on your tongue)
· Rose Milk- fresh cut roses in sweet sugar milk
· Rose Quartz- raspberry + Ro’s Jelly (soft floral blend of rose petals with a touch of vanilla)
· Rose Tint My World- rose, geranium, bergamot, and amber
· Rose Tonic- rose petals, hibiscus and raspberry infused gin and tonic
· Route 66- sea salty air + fresh squeezed citrus and herbal musk (inspired by Scentsy
· Royal Jelly- Ro’s Jelly (soft floral blend of rose petals with a touch of vanilla (inspired by Lush--Rose Jam)) + a hint of Marshmalloween (toasted marshmallows)
· A Royal Throwdown- Fruity Pebbles baked into a white cake with extra whipped cream frosting
· Runts- fresh and creamy banana
· Saeglopur- lavender orange creamsicle
· Sage & Chamomile- herbal blend of chamomile and sage
· Salted Caramel Popcorn- salty popcorn drizzled with caramel, maple, and a touch of rum
· Salt Water Taffy- melt-in-your-mouth strawberry, raspberry, banana + creamy vanilla taffy
· Salty & Sweet- salted caramel and vanilla cinnamon graham crumbles
· Salty Hair- Big shampoo (fresh blend of mandarin, neroli, orange blossom, and white musk), sea salt blossom
· Salty Sea Cucumber- cucumber, lavender, balsam and salty ocean breeze
· Salty Sea Monster- Salty Hair (big shampoo, sea salt blossom) + lavender and peppermint
· Sandalwood & Ginger Apple- sun-drenched sandalwood + baked apples (inspired by Pier 1 fragrance)
· Sandalwood & Jasmine- warm, spicy sandalwood + sweet jasmine nectar
· Sandalwood Honey- woodsy, smokey sandalwood blended with sweet honey
· Santa Baby- crispy peppermint, juicy strawberries, cardamon, and honey vanilla milk
· Santa Fe- wildberry mousse vanilla custard
· Santa Tell Me- Silent Night (peppermint patty) + sugar frosting
· Sashay Away- pink chiffon + black raspberry vanilla
· Saucin’ on You- fresh picked strawberries + Cranberry Salsa (cranberries, grapes, lemon, pink grapefruit and pomegranate)
· Savasana- wintergreen, helichrysum, clove, and peppermint essential oils
· Say You’ll Stay- lily blossoms, jasmine, sugared tropical strawberries and pineapple + creamy vanilla
· Scandinavian Christmas- pine, balsam and fraser fir trees
· Scorpio- earthy and sweet patchouli, sweet lily, sandalwood and musk with hints of vanilla
· Scream Queens- pumpkin praline cupcakes
· Sea Salt & Yuzu- satsuma orange, ruby red grapefruit, Japanese yuzu and Mediterranean sea salt
· Sea Salty Air- ozone, seaweed, driftwood and salt on your tongue from a day at the beach
· Seashells by the Seashore- fresh ocean breeze
· Secret Admirer- grapefruit + Spirit in the Sky (creamy vanilla + fresh cotton)
· Secret Garden- jasmine, honeysuckle, rose and powder
· Secret Meeting- Blackberry Sage (tart blackberries + herbal sage) + Tea & Cakes (fluffy, moist almond pastry soaked in fresh-brewed black tea)
· Secret Wonderland- strawberry, raspberry, gardenia, jasmine, white amber and creamy vanilla
· Self Care Day- Beach Hair Don't Care (coconut, Hawaiian floral blossoms, and a hint of lemon zest) + Argan Magic Type (a sheer floral accord with ripe red fruit tones and warmed with exotic woods)
· Señorita Strawbz- crushed mint and strawberries in a refreshing mojito
· Sense & Sensibility- sweet blueberry and tart lemon tea
· September Song- warm honey and tobacco + a touch of citrus and clove
· Serendipity- blackberry sage + creamy vanilla and sweet mint
· Sex on the Beach- tropical mix of fresh oranges and peaches with tart cranberries and a touch of vanilla
· Shades of Cool- peach hard candy, raspberry and white tea
· Shampure- coriander, eucalyptus, lavender, orange, bergamot and ylang ylang (inspired by Aveda)
· Shantay You Stay- orange chiffon cake
· Sherbet Mimosa- Rainbow Sherbet (creamy lime, pineapple, orange, and raspberry) + Cheers (ring in the new year with Auld Lang Syne and a fizzy champagne toast)
· Sherlock- ocean salty mist, sea grass, amber, white cedarwood and oakmoss
· Shiny Happy People- dew fruit, jasmine, lavender, raspberry and lily
· Shooketh-Creamsicle (creamy orange + sweet vanilla) + Marshmalloween (toasted marshmallows)
· Shore Thing- Crazy for Coconuts (mahogany coconut with a creamy undertone and tropical Hawaiian blossoms) + Sea Salty Air (ozone, seaweed, driftwood, and salt on your tongue from a day at the beach
· Sigh of Relief- Cinnamon Glazed Donuts, zucchini bread, and Marshmalloween (toasted marshmallows)
· Sikkim Sirens- exotic floral consisting of frangipani, jasmine, vanilla and tuberose (inspired by Lush)
· Silent Night- peppermint patty
· Silent Shout- lavender + Silent Night (peppermint patty)
· Silky Sheets- black raspberry vanilla + Spirit in the Sky (creamy vanilla + fresh cotton)
· Silver Haired Fox- freshly shaved, powdered, and smelling of rich vanilla and musky sandalwood
· Silver Lining- bergamot and vanilla tonka bean
· Sinful Sunday- fudge brownie, cake batter ice cream and exotic coconut
· Sinus Relief- Vicks vapor scent
· Sister Jack- caramel bearclaw pastries
· Sixteen Candles- jasmine musk + pineapple, apple, and honeydew juice
· Sixth Sense- berries + rose, jasmine, orange blossoms, and ginger (inspired by Yankee Candle--Blue Summer Sky)
· Skinny Dippin'- warm spicy fragrant odor (inspired by Lush)
· Skinny Love- sweet berry buttercream vanilla
· Sleep Balm- sweet marjoram, lavender, and cedarwood essential oils
· Sleep In- peaches, coconut, oranges, raspberries, pineapples, and Hawaiian flowers + rainforest sugar cane
· Sleeping Bear- french vanilla, oak, chamomile and peppermint
· Sleepless in Seattle- white tea leaves + sage and sweet lavender
· Sleepyhead- lavender baby’s room
· Slumber Party- lavender + peppermint butter candies
· Smoked Vanilla- creamy vanilla and wisps of sandalwood and clove
· S’mores- cinnamon, crusty graham crackers, ooey chocolate and Marshmalloween (toasted marshmallows)
· Snap The Whip- white musk and fresh citrus (inspired by Lush)
· Snickerdoodles- fresh baked, buttery vanilla cookie drenched in cinnamon sugar
· Snow Bunny- Captain Crunch berries, ice cream scoop bread, marshmallow cream, salt water taffy, and a hint of peppermint
· Snow Cake {Winter Cake}- almond pastry with marzipan, benzoin, rose, and cassia (inspired by Lush--Snowcake)
· Snow Cone- fruity sugared strawberry snow cone
· Snow Covered Hills- cypress, fir and eucalyptus, sweet vanilla, teakwood and light smoke
· Snow Cream- sweet peppermint saltwater taffy
· Snow in December- fresh pine needles, sweet winter berries, and warm blankets
· Snow White- apple, orange, citrus, rose petals, bergamot and neroli (inspired by Lush--So White)
· So Berry Corny- strawberry crunch + cornbread
· So Fresh + So Clean- fresh spa scent, sweet ocean undertones
· Soft Core- blend of raw honey, chocolate and cocoa butter (inspired by Lush)
· Soft Haze- Rainforest Sugarcane (citrus, green blossoms, and wet rainforest (inspired by Bath & Body Works)) + dryer sheets
· Something Borrowed- shea butter with hints of coconut, almond, and sandalwood
· Something Wild- spiced rum cake + Fruit Loops
· Songbird- honeydew melon, cotton candy, and powder sugar berry swirls
· Soot Soot- tart fruity sparkling ginger ale
· Sophisticated- intoxicating feminine blend of amber, vanilla, and jasmine blossoms
· Sorrel & Lemon Thyme- lemon zest, orage, sorrel, thyme, and earthy moss (inspired by Jo Malone)
· S.O.S.- fruity raspberry guava + masculine sea moss and lavender woods
· Soul Oasis- fresh and clean fruity spa Candy Panda blend
· Soul Sister- strawberry raspberry guava cocktail
· Sour Apple- tart green apple, apple blossoms and vanilla bean
· Southern Belle- peach sweet tea
· Southern Kitchen- cornbread and sweet cinnamon rolls topped in icing
· Southwind- raw sugar cane, sweet watermelon and fresh cantaloupe
· Sparkling Candy- fizzy candy crush
· Sparkling Cider- Ginger Ale (fizzy ginger soda) + Honey Pear Cider (juicy pear, sweet honey and homemade cider)
· Sparkling Mojito- lemon slices, sparkling pomelo and crushed mint leaves, layered with orange zest and iced sugar cane
· Sparkling Pear Reisling- fruity pear + creamy vanilla (inspired by Bath & Body Works)
· Speakeasy- sandalwood and jasmine + bergamot, cedarwood, tobacco, and a hint of patchouli
· Spiced Apples and Peaches- sweet apple, peaches and the perfect hint of spice
· Spiced Crumb Cake- rich bakery tones with grated cinnamon and creamed butter
· Spice Market- pomelo zest, cinnamon, black pepper and chili peppers
· Spill the Tea- tropical spritzer
· Spirit in the Sky- creamy vanilla + fresh cotton
· Splash- seaside melon cocktail topped with lime juice and sea salt + teakwood and coconut
· Spooky Spooky- pumpkin apple cider donuts noel
· Spring & By Summer Fall- creamy vanilla and coconut, strawberries + jasmine and cedarwood
· Spring Breakers- Juniper Breeze (green florals, jasmine, and woods (inspired by Bath & Body Works)) + Cool Water (aquatic blend with mint, cedarwood, and musk (inspired by Davidoff))
· Spring Cleaning- fresh sheets
· Spring Has Sprung- fresh cut grass, ocean mist, rain drops and sea moss
· Spring it On- fresh tulips and spring florals
· Spumoni- pistachio, cherry, strawberry cake
· Starfire- grape, peach, plum + sparkling citrus
· Stargazer- bergamot, sage, leather (inspired by Bath & Body Works--Midnight for Men)+ Evergreen Tonka (clove, black pepper, smoked tonka and patchouli + sparkling pine)
· Stargirl- Candy Fairy (a blend of bubblegum, cotton candy, sweet apples and pears (inspired by Lush--Snow Fairy)) + Marshmalloween (toasted marshmallows)
· Starry Night- pink sugar peppermint
· Staycation- enchanting floral notes, crisp cucumber, and subtle tropical fruits
· Stay Useless- berry guava
· Stay With Me- orange creamsicle + Blonde Moment (iced champagne + rich raspberry and cranberry)
· Steel Magnolias- a bouquet of sweet french lavender, magnolias, and bright hibiscus flower
· Sticky Red Buns- strawberry sticky rice delight
· Sticky Rice- classic Thai dessert, toasted rice with brown sugar and coconut milk
· Sticky Sweet- cotton candy, sweet tarts candy and Lovespell (fruity cherry blossom and peach)
· Stones Around the Sun- stonefruit apricot honey fizzy
· Stormy Seas- Storm Watch (inspired by Yankee Candle), dash of citrus lemongrass, sea moss, sun-drenched beachwood, and salty air
· Strange and Unusual- ooey-gooey caramel apple cookies
· Stranger Things- apple pumpkin strudel
· Strawberries & Champagne- wild strawberries and sparkling champagne with a soothing musk and sandalwood
· Strawberry Coconut- sweet strawberry and coconut cream
· Strawberry Cornbread Pudding- strawberry + Sugar Pecan Puddin’ (cornbread pudding + sugared candied pecans)
· Strawberry Fields- strawberry thyme lemonade + raspberry rose hibiscus + bergamot tea
· Strawberry Girls- wild berries, cherry and figs baked in a white cake drizzled with cotton candy
· Strawberry Kiwi- fresh strawberry with hints of green stems mixed with fresh cut kiwi
· Strawberry Mint- strawberry + fresh mint
· Strawberry Raspberry Guava- tangy, tart and sweet strawberry raspberry guava
· Strawberry Rhubarb- flaky pie crust, sweet strawberries and sour marmalade
· Strawberry Rhubarb Pie- flakey pie crust + strawberries and rhubarb
· Strawberry Shortcake- sweet strawberries, shortbread cake and whipped cream
· Strawberry Silk- strawberry and Spirit in the Sky (creamy vanilla + fresh cotton)
· Strawberry Soda- strawberry, fizzy pop
· Strawberry Tea & Cakes {Baby Cakes}- berries + Tea & Cakes (fluffy, moist almond pastry soaked in fresh-brewed black tea)
· Strawberry Volcano- Strawberry + Volcano (delightful blend of tropical fruits and sugared oranges, lemons and limes (inspired by Capri Blue scent))
· Strawberry Waffle Cone- strawberry gelato waffle cone on the boardwalk
· Strawberry White Cake- homemade cake with sweet berries
· Stroopwafel- caramel pizzelle
· Suede and Lace- suede, woody, earthy
· Sugar Baby- sweet strawberry + pink sugar
· Sugar Coma- cotton candy, strawberry shortcake and Marshmalloween (toasted marshmallows)
· Sugar Pecan Puddin’- cornbread pudding + sugared candied pecans
· Sugared Violets- blackberries + sugared violet blossoms and vanilla sugar
· Sugar Milk- sweet condensed milk with vanilla
· Sugarmelon- Juicy Watermelon (fresh watermelon with pink grapefruit, sweet honeydew and lemongrass) + Warm Vanilla Sugar (brown sugar + creamy vanilla (inspired by Bath & Body Works))
· Sugar Plum Fairy- rich, sugary plums + sugary-sweet bubblegum
· Sultana- a floral bouquet of roses, lily, and a hint of jasmine (inspired by Lush)
· Summer Blonde- Coconut Lime Verbena (fresh coconut, lime and invigorating verbena + luscious vanilla) + warm, toasted vanilla
· Summer Breeze- laundry type
· Summer Fling- spring cleaning + Honolulu sun (fresh cut melon, island coconut, palm leaves)
· Summer in the City- blend of pineapple, coconut, strawberry and sweet lemons tutti fruity with fizzy
· Summer Lover- vanilla cake pops + orange and peach nectar
· Summer Mocktail- juicy watermelon, crisp cucumber, zesty grapefruit, raw sugar, and fresh mint
· Summer Nights- coconut lime verbena + beachwood
· Summer Scoop- nostalgic memories of your favorite fruity treat on a summer day, complete with strawberry nuances swirled in a creamy sweet texture (inspired by Yankee Candle)
· Summersong- a fruity, floral scent with a hint of vanilla
· Summer Sorbet- frozen summer berries balance this sweet and tart summer treat
· Summertime Sadness- mango, honey, pear and watermelon
· Summer Soirée- strawberry + Cucumber Melon (sweet melon + crisp cucumber)
· Sunbathing- a refreshing scent of floral apple and kiwi
· Sunburst- volcano fizzy
· Sunday Afternoon- cinnamon buns, french toast, strawberry crunch and Rice Krispies
· Sunday Morning- Fruit Loops, Captain Crunch and blueberry cake donuts
· A Sunday Smile- strawberry cotton candy frosting
· Sunflower Child- floral blend with rose, orange flower, and jasmine
· Sunkissed- white peach hibiscus tea
· Sun Kissed Plumeria- floral notes with a green aroma and a light musk
· Sun's Out Guns Out- Candy Panda suntan lotion house blend
· Sunset Bayou- coconut, pink tiger lily, and bergamot + Big (fresh blend of mandarin, neroli, orange blossom and white musk (inspired by Lush))
· Sunset Blvd- fresh fig and pear juice + sweet peach and honeysuckle blossoms
· Sunset Lover- Rainbow Sherbet ice cream float topped with sliced pineapple
· Sunstone- sugarcane apple blossom
· Sun Tea- grassy smell with lemon and lime and a warm and spicy finish
· Surfer Boy- Sea Salty Air (ozone, seaweed, driftwood and salt on your tongue from a day at the beach), ocean mist + beachwood
· Sweater Weather- eucalyptus, juniper berry and fresh sage (inspired by Bath & Body Works)
· Sweet Bakery Dough {Pan Dulce}- bakery dough with sweet confectioner sugar in the back notes
· Sweet Cheeks- ripe apples, sweet Georgia peaches + lemon lime cocktail
· Sweet Dreams- pink sugar, lavender and Marshmalloween (toasted marshmallows)
· Sweet Finesse- clean shampoo scent (inspired by the Finesse shampoo)
· Sweet Grass- fresh cut grass, clover and wisteria
· Sweetheart- apricot, verbena + exotic, Hawaiian fruits, coconut, and caramelized sugar (inspired by Bath & Body Works—Hawaiian Pink Hibiscus)
· Sweet Honeysuckle- spring aroma of golden honeysuckle nectar
· Sweet Finesse- clean shampoo scent (inspired by the Finesse shampoo)
· Sweet Jane- Captain Crunch vanilla bean noel
· Sweet Nothing- fluffy berry vanilla cupcakes
· Sweet Pea- sweet pea blossoms
· Sweet Pea & Vanilla- floral sweet pea blossoms with creamy coconut and vanilla
· Sweet Potato Pie- baked sweet potato pie with toasted brown sugar and marshmallow frosting
· Sweet Potluck- creamy sweet potato and brown sugar pastry
· Sweet Sheets- sweet pea blossoms and clean sheets
· Sweet Surrender- lavender, cotton candy + Marshmalloween (toasted marshmallows)
· Sweet Tea Hospitality- a refreshing glass of sweet tea on a hot summer day
· Taste the Rainbow- rainbow sherbet fizzy
· Tea & Biscuits- iced lemon cookies + Tea & Cakes (fluffy, moist almond pastry soaked in fresh-brewed black tea)
· Tea & Cakes- fluffy, moist almond pastry soaked in fresh-brewed black tea
· Team Aidan- sheer woodsy scent, on a base of crisp citrus, pure florals and aged driftwood
· Team Big- Birch & Black Pepper (oriental woody blend with cool spiciness (inspired by Jo Malone) + Big shampoo (fresh blend of mandarin, neroli, orange blossom, and white musk)
· Terrible Angels- Beautiful type + sweet lavender
· Thirteen- strawberry raspberry guava cake with extra frosting
· Three Futures- sparkling grapefruit, pineapple, jackfruit, bergamot, raspberries, and tangelo
· Three Little Kittens- baby powder, French lavender, musky amber, and sweet vanilla beans
· Throwing Shade- salty but sweet, never lose class
· Tiare Flower- violet, amber, orange blossom and vanilla
· Tide Pods- iconic floral blend of fresh-cleaned sheets (inspired by the original Tide scent)
· Timberwolf- sandalwood, cedar, orange, and boysenberry
· Tinderella-cranberry pomegranate + Lovespell (fruity cherry blossom and peach)
· Tiny Pink Cakes- raspberry zinger + Tea & Cakes (fluffy, moist almond pastry soaked in fresh-brewed black tea)
· Tis the Season- red berries, pine needles and classic Christmas spice (inspired by Bath & Body Works)
· Tobacco Rose- smokey rose petals
· To Be Alone with You- floral woods, orange, balsam and vanilla
· To Be Announced- bubblegum Fruit Loops
· Toothache- wild cherry, ripe peach, and tangy strawberry + sugary-sweet bubblegum
· Toronja- grapefruit tangelo mango fizzy
· A Total Eclipse of the Heart- sweet-dough, buttery sugar cookies topped with toasted coconut and lemon icing
· Totoro- apple, melon, cotton candy hard candy
· Trap Queen {Lavender Peppermint}- lavender peppermint
· Treat Yo Self- buttered croissant, cream cheese + strawberry banana
· Trendsetter-freesia flowers + orange blossom and green citrus
· Trichomaniac- a touch of floral with a beautiful coconut background (inspired by Lush)
· Trinity- lavender, clove, and peppermint essential oils
· Trippy Hippy- black pepper + oud sweetened with lavender and berries
· Triple Venti Vanilla Latte- sbux vanilla latte with extra shots of vanilla
· Tropical Bliss- Malayan mangoes, tiger lily and cantaloupe
· Tropical Dreams- raspberry guava + coconut cream
· Tropicali- fresh-sliced pineapples, salty ocean waves, lime juice, tangerine, and tropical melons
· Tropical Gum Drop- bananas, grapefruit, kiwi, and bubblegum
· Tropical Sunrise- mango, vanilla, and coconut + clean air and aquatic florals
· Tropic Thunder- fresh apples, oranges, and honeydew + lily, rose, and green florals
· True Colors- Candy Panda wedding cake house blend with strawberry filling
· Truly, Madly, Deeply- French Lavender (lavender, wild honey and fresh fern) + honey, mint, and ozone
· Turquoise- palm beach cooler + pomelo sage
· Tuscan Herb & Honey- nectarine, apple blossom, wild honey and garden herbs
· Tutti Fruiti- green apple, cherry, strawberry, and mango
· Twilight- lavender, ylang-ylang, and tonka bean (inspired by Lush)
· Twilight Woods- warm woody and cedar, citrus and a hint of musk (inspired by Bath & Body Works)
· The Twilight Zone- Salted Caramel Popcorn (salty popcorn drizzled with caramel, maple, and a touch of rum) + salted, butter-drenched pecans
· Two Hearts- tropical papaya and lime zest + teakwood & coconut
· Two Sheets to the Wind- dryer sheets soaked in fresh cucumber and kiwi
· Ugg Lyfe- pumpkin coconut caramel (like pumpkin pie mixed with Samoa cookie)
· Ultraviolet- strong violet with notes of rosewood and jasmine (inspired by Lush)
· Uluru- sandalwood, rosewood and a hint of orange (inspired by Lush)
· Unbirthday- Marshmalloween (toasted marshmallows) + Birthday Cake
· Undercover- pink sugar + fresh, clean sheets
· Under the Stars- pink sugar, lavender, Marshmalloween (toasted marshmallows), and Are You Afraid of the Dark? (an eery dusty breeze around a late night bonfire)
· The Underdog- Fruit Loops + vanilla custard
· Under the Sea- Celtic sea kelp
· Unicorn Tarts- strawberry and raspberry stuffed pastry with cocoa, melted butter, and whipped cream
· Up & Away- lemon, orange, bergamot, pink grapefruit essential oilblend
· The Upside Down- warm baked cinnamon treats topped with ooey-gooey s’mores
· Valyrian Steel- the harsh, salty waves at Dragonstone + Are You Afraid of the Dark? (An every, dusty breeze around a late night bonfire) + Midsummer's Night (masculine cologne scent with hints of citrus (inspired by Yankee Candle))
· Vanilla Almond Biscotti- almond biscotti with hints of sweet vanilla
· Vanilla Apricot- apricot and cream
· Vanilla Bean Noel {Noel}- sweet sugar cookies and warm vanilla (inspired by Bath & Body Works)
· Vanilla Cafe- Baby’s Arms (Candy Panda house blend vanilla sugar milk) + coffee grounds
· Vanilla Chai Tea- sweet vanilla combined with clove buds and cinnamon sticks
· Vanilla Clouds- sweet dreamy vanilla + sun dried cotton sheets
· Vanilla Coconut- creamy vanilla + toasted coconut
· Vanilla Custard- flakey vanilla danish
· Vanilla Dreams- mandarin, cucumber, jasmine, coconut milk, vanilla, ylang-ylang
· Vanilla Hazelnut Coffee- hazelnut coffee with hints of sweet vanilla and roasted marshmallows
· Vanilla Lace- vanilla, amber, orchid blossoms (inspired by Victoria’s Secret)
· Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow- sweet vanilla and pumpkin in your favorite fall bakery (inspired by Bath & Body Works)
· Vanilla Silk- true, warm vanilla
· Vanilla Tobacco- warm vanilla + pipesmoke
· Vanilla Woods- spicy trail of nutmeg, clove & cinnamon + white florals and rose blended with sweet tonka, sandalwood and patchouli
· Vanillary- notes of vanilla, tonka bean and jasmine
· Velvet Choker- lavender cucumber sage + Lovespell (fruity cherry blossom and peach)
· Velvet Slippies- feminine scent of light powdery floral and velvet musks
· Venus in Furs- earthy lavender vanilla bean cupcakes
· Very Berry Cranberry- Cranberry Salsa (cranberries, grapes, lemon, pink grapefruit and pomegranate) + blueberries and cream
· Vetiver- bergamot, lemon and cedarwood
· Vietnamese Coffee- sugar milk coffee
· Violet Breeze- Sugared Violets (blackberries + sugared violet blossoms and vanilla sugar) + lime, mint, and hyacinth blossoms
· Viva La Juicy- amber, musk, citrus, lily of the valley, + jasmine
· Volcano- delightful blend of tropical fruits and sugared oranges, lemons and limes (inspired by Capri Blue scent)
· Wake Me Up- sweet and tangy citrus peels, lavender and earl grey tea
· Walk By the Garden- citrus and rosemary infused with eucalyptus, spearmint, and a hint of patchouli
· Walking on a Dream- waffle cone + Earl Gray Lavender Cake (earl gray infused white cake with lavender frosting)
· Walking on a Pretty Day- a day at the beach of salty air, beach wood and ocean waves
· Walk of Shame- jasmine, ylang ylang, sage, and musk (inspired by Lush--Sex Bomb)
· Warm Vanilla Sugar- brown sugar + creamy vanilla (inspired by Bath & Body Works)
· Watermelon Bubblegum- sweet, juicy watermelon and mouth-watering bubblegum
· Watermelon Cake- fresh watermelon and white cake
· Watermelon Fizzy Pop- watermelon + fizzy soda
· Watermelon Lemonade- watermelon chunks mixed with iced lemonade
· Watermelon Mimosa- fizzy watermelon refresher
· Waves Know Shores- sea salt yuzu, raspberry lilac and ocean mist
· Wedding Cake- fresh white cake batter, little bit of a tangy cherry or amaretto scent, just like white cake batter before it's baked
· Wednesday Addams- flakey pumpkin croissant donut with a cinnamon and sugar crust, deep fried
· Werewolf- black cherry infused bubbly champagne house blend
· West Coast- passionfruit, jasmine and musk (inspired by Juicy Couture fragrance--Malibu)
· Westworld- fir needles, bay leaves, and cedarwood + warm tobacco
· While We're Young- a unisex floral lavender, apple blossom, and strong musky clean scent
· White Earl Grey- earl grey, white tea and plump berries
· White Rhino- honeysuckle jasmine blossoms + clean sheets
· White Tea & Ginger- floral, musk, citrus, and hint of woods (inspired by Bath & Body Works)
· White Whale- cucumber mint, grapefruit, clean sheets
· Who Gon Stop Me- key lime fizzy pops
· Who Loves the Sun- vanilla ice cream with orange soda overpour
· Wildberry Cheesecake- strawberry, blueberry, sugar milk baked in a toasted, brown sugar crust
· Wildberry Skittles- sugar-crusted berry candy
· Wild Blue Yonder- Lemon Ice Box Cookies (tart lemon shortbread with powdered sugar) baked into a donut and topped with summer blueberries
· Wildfire- masculine salty waves, smokey patchouli, and tonka
· Wild for the Night- ice cream scoop bread + strawberry raspberry guava
· Wild Heart- strawberry raspberry guava + Pink Lemonade (sweet lemonade with a hint of strawberries, watermelon, and sugar)
· Wild Honeysuckle- honeysuckle blossoms and a hint of peaches
· Wild Life- Rock Star (vanilla and strawberries with hints of delicate violets and jasmine (inspired by Lush)) + Spirit in the Sky (creamy vanilla + fresh cotton)
· Wild Peach Poppies- magnolia, fizzy prosecco, peach bellini and a dash of sugar (inspired by Bath & Body Works)
· Wild Things- creamsicle with an extra tang
· Wild Winter- wintergreen + Sinus Relief (Vicks vapor scent)
· Winterberry Wonder- red winterberry, apple, cranberry, and vanilla
· Winter Blanket- pine, vanilla, sandalwood with hints of musk and a splash of citrus
· Winter Cake- almond pastry with marzipan, benzoin, rose, and cassia (inspired by Lush--Snowcake)
· Winter Candy Apple- apple, orange, pineapple cinnamon heaven (inspired by Bath & Body Works)
· Wintergreen- a fresh crisp mint scent to awaken the senses
· Winter Mint Berry- sweet winter berries + mint
· Winter Pie- blackberry, zucchini bread, berried pancakes
· Winter Walk- fresh strawberry, eucalyptus, and sage
· Winter Wonderland- warm notes of cinnamon clove, vanilla musk, mulberry, cassia root, eucalyptus, fir, pine and amber
· Wish I Knew You- blueberry + Ice Queen (fresh, crisp peppermint that glows in the dark)
· Wisteria Lane- honeysuckle, rose and lavender
· With Love- strong floral notes, orange blossoms, fresh air and dewy greens; like a bouquet of flowers
· Wonderful Christmastime- peppermint + Marshmalloween (toasted marshmallows)
· Wondernova- orange flower, lime, benzoin, and cognac (inspired by Lush--Celebrate)
· Woodsage & Sea Salt- sea salt, crushed herbal sage and oud wood (inspired by Jo Malone)
· Woodside Garden- citrus, fresh air and cedarwood (inspired by Nest Fragrances)
· Wool Blanket- a warm hug of rosewood, cedar, and amber
· World on Fire- marshmallow strawberry peaches, with a dollop of vanilla cream
· World’s Best Mom- white chocolate raspberry
· Wrinkle Release- April Fresh + Spirit in the Sky (creamy vanilla + fresh cotton)
· XOXO-blackberry, orange, honey, jasmine, nectarine, and musk
· Yin and Yang {Eucalyptus & Spearmint}- eucalyptus spearmint
· Yog Nog- sweet toffee, toasted caramel + coffee and clove (inspired by Lush)
· Yosemite- oranges, berries, peaches, limes
· Young Folks- rose petals and clean sheets + Marshmalloween (toasted marshmallows)
· You're so Vain- a perfume floral blend of the classic beauty cream scent Pond's and pink elderflowers, quince nectar, wild raspberries and pink amber
· Yours Truly- plum, cherry, apples, and candied violets
· You Should’ve Come Over- orange chiffon cake + Marshmalloween (toasted marshmallows)
· Yuli’s Heart Attack- pina colada Fruit Loops
· Yummy Yummy Yummy- sweet musk, orange citrus with hints of fruits and chocolate (inspired by Lush)
· Yuzu- japanese grapefruit, citrus scents on a background of oakmoss and bergamot
· Yuzu & Cocoa- cocoa, tonka bean, bergamot + orange and grapefruit (inspired by Lush)
· Zebra Stripes- sugar-coated Juicy Fruit gum
· Zero Gravity- Bartlett Pear (freshly sliced pear, peach and green apple) + fruit-infused spa water
· Zucchini Bread- spiced zucchini loaf of bread